The Real Reasons for the Popularity and Effectiveness of SEO Marketing

There are often a number of questions as to how search engine optimization marketing can actually be beneficial. To many people, especially those that don’t understand the nuances behind SEO, they may think that improving search engine rankings can’t be all that big of a deal. Many people have a hard time understanding how this can benefit not only the type of traffic that a website receives, but the type of targeted traffic a website gets.

The reason why SEO services and SEO marketplaces, which is where SEO consumers and suppliers meet, are so popular is because of how effective this type of marketing is. However, to understand its effectiveness is to understand the link between search engine queries and people visiting a website.

It has been estimated that around 80% of people that visit a website, whether it’s one time or they become loyal return visitors, find that website thanks to a search engine query. This particular factor on its own can easily explain the importance as well as the benefits of being seen on a search engine query.

The problem is that a website may already be on a search engine query, but the website may be buried in the back pages of the results. This is problematic because most people will typically find what they’re looking for on the first page. In some situations, a person may venture as far as the second page of a search engine query, but at this point, they’ve likely found what they were looking for. This means that if a website is listed anywhere beyond the first two pages, it’s not likely to be viewed often, if at all.

With search engine optimization, a campaign can be devised to eventually get your website to the first or at least to the second page of search engine queries. This not only increases the amount of people that visit your website, it increases targeted traffic, which makes it easier to convert visitors into customers. This is the premise of SEO, and this is why it has been so successful. If you want to know more about this type of marketing service, or you’re interested in finding a provider of SEO, you can find additonal info here.

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